Construction is now underway | Completion due early 2024

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July 2022

Excavation is underway!

Excavation is well underway now, with the western edge of the site down to Basement 1 level. As excavation continues and the perimeter piling is exposed it gets cleaned up, and then a concrete based shotcrete is sprayed over the perimeter wall to seal and stabilise any gaps, and provide a solid finish surface. This work is commencing now. Meanwhile on the eastern half the beam connecting top of all the piles continues, in preparation for excavation.

April 2022

Construction has now commenced!

Perimeter piling for the basement excavation is now complete and the site’s focus moves on to excavation. Over the next 2 months a constant team of trucks will remove soil to allow erection of the site’s crane and work on the basement structure to get underway.