Construction is now underway | Completion due mid-late 2024

Stay up to date with construction at The Point by viewing our updates below!

January 2024

Building Structure at Level 16

As we begin 2024 construction at The Point has ramped up very quickly, with workers onsite now exceeding 150 people each day. The building structure has now reached level 16 and we expect to be at roof level at the end of February.

October 2023

Level 8 Underway!

It has been an exciting time onsite at The Point with the completion of the podium and works underway with the main tower structure. The structure has now reached level 10, with completion of the roof level expected in March 2024.

June 2023

Level 2 Underway!

Construction of the structure has now reached level 2 which is the last carpark floor before the pool deck and common area amenities start to take shape.
The workforce continues to increase as more trades commence work. Service installation is now underway in the basement and shortly external walls around the ground floor will commence.

May 2023

Ground Floor Slab Complete - Level 1 Slab Underway!

The ground floor concrete slab is now complete, with the level 1 bubbledeck slab underway.
This is a high floor, with soffit heights at over 4 metres in parts, which means some extra time and work on columns and walls is involved to get to the 1st-floor level.
Now as the structure appears above ground you will begin to see regular progress and work occurring across many more trades, increasing the workforce from the current 60 people onsite each day.

March 2023

Ground Floor Slab Commenced!

The floor structure to Basement 1 is now complete and the Ground Floor slab has commenced. Service installation has commenced in the lower floors and from April you will begin to see the building rise above the ground floor.

February 2023

Basement slab nearing completion!

Work on the Basement slab and core structures is nearing completion, and we expect the final concrete pours in this area in the coming weeks. In the meantime, columns and concrete walls ready for the Basement 1 slab are well underway and will allow for quick installation and completion of the next floor level.

December 2022

Crane now operating!

The final areas in the Basement slab are underway, with all but one main core slab complete and infill areas joining them together well advanced. With the site tower crane operating this work will rapidly rise above ground in the new year as BubbleDeck slabs are lifted into position and concrete walls completed.

October 2022

Excavation almost complete!

Excavation is almost complete. With soil removed from the eastern and southern portions of the site, the last remaining sections comprising the ramp for machinery to drive in and out will slowly now be removed. Work has commenced on the Basement 2 floor slab at the bottom of the excavation, with the first foundation raft steelwork complete and ready for concrete. Also now complete is the crane base, an integral tool onsite for construction. The crane will be erected next month.

July 2022

Excavation is underway!

Excavation is well underway now, with the western edge of the site down to Basement 1 level. As excavation continues and the perimeter piling is exposed it gets cleaned up, and then a concrete based shotcrete is sprayed over the perimeter wall to seal and stabilise any gaps, and provide a solid finish surface. This work is commencing now. Meanwhile on the eastern half the beam connecting top of all the piles continues, in preparation for excavation.

April 2022

Construction has now commenced!

Perimeter piling for the basement excavation is now complete and the site’s focus moves on to excavation. Over the next 2 months a constant team of trucks will remove soil to allow erection of the site’s crane and work on the basement structure to get underway.